Impression – G . F Smith

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G . F Smith visited the studio last week to talk about paper and all the things you can do with it.


Impression – Identity Presentations

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We finally got to present our ideas and choose a winning identity for our studio. 

Studio Culture Week Day 2

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Building our studio.

On Thursday we planned out and built our studio space that we’ll be using for the rest of the year. After Sara, Emily and Ricardo talking to us about what we were going to do that day and things to think about and consider when preparing our space, we were then split into teams with elected leaders to work on specific areas within the room. I was the team leader for the Library area, and so managed a team of about 5, discussing and deciding on what we wanted out of it, and the best way to go about it. We then presented our finished ideas to the rest of the class, making sure that we all agreed on each part as everything would effect everyone. Then got to work, eventually all just helping eachother with whatever needed to be done. Here is some photos to show the day progressing…

Studio Culture Week Day 1

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On our first day of Studio Culture Week, we had a lecture from Sarah Boris, taking us through her work and 20 years long career. From starting out working in institutions such as the Barbican Centre and The ICA to being a freelance designer, and having her own studio/s to work in and the pros and cons of both. She talked about the troubles of managing your time between work and your private life and how it was always her dream to work for an institution like The Barbican, but she feels much happier now she’s not locked into an institution and she can work when and how she pleases.