Creative Industry Practice – Fig Taylor

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On Thursday we had Fig Taylor visit and give us a lecture on portfolios. 


Making A Living Week – Day 2

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The first talk of day two of Making a Living Week was from Chris Walker. An illustrator and co-founder of Squirm & Learn. 

Heather’s Lecture in Photography

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What is it your trying to get across?

Heather opened with “what is it your trying to get across”, when photographing your work, what is it you want to show, think about the detail or something specific on the piece that you should show off. how do I really describe that piece.

Sara’s Talk (Design Process)

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Sara’s main focus throughout this lecture was the process behind the design and to counter the ways in which many were taught to research throughout earlier studies. Where you are taught that to progress and further your designs, you should mimic the styles of other artists and insert some of their techniques into your own work. Sara thought to combat this preformed idea of research.