The Soundtrack Of Our Lives – Further Development

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Further development for the posters… A2 mockups on coloured paper and photocopies to feel out the ideas in full scale…


Review Week Day 2 and The Eric Gill Series Exhibition

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Thursday 05/11/15

So on Thursday we looked through each others blogs, choosing three in each group that we would then present to the class. It was interesting seeing everyones approach to making the blogs and how each person updates and posts. Mine was very kindly chosen by one of the other groups as a one of their choices, and so they presented it and talked about what they thought was good, and also what could be maybe be improved upon. I think the approach to writing on other peoples I found most interesting, and will always be something i’m working to improve.

Applications Day 2 – InDesign

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In this Applications workshop we looked at InDesign, and how to put together a two page spread for a magazine. From this we would use the posters and copy we had done to create our own spread later.

As a example for the layout we used the Bob Dylan poster by Milton Glaser.

Applications Day 1

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On Monday we started Applications with Ricardo. Starting off with Photoshop. He took us through everything from the basics of creating a new page to the difference between Vector editing and Bitmap.

We also had a look at Adobe Colors for examples of colour palettes and as a good point of reference for creating colour schemes for designs.