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Sooo today my books arrived.

This was very exciting, and inevitably in these situations you’re always disappointed.

There are a number of problems, but most importantly…

  1. One book doesn’t even have all the pages…
  2. The pages are all cropped differently, i.e. some up, some down. Meaning nothing lines up. This is especially bad when it comes to images where there are actual white lines at the top or bottom, meaning they have cropped outside of the bleed area. I mean how this is possible I do not know, the proof I checked, albeit digital, looks totally fine. Meaning they didn’t use the crop marks at all.

Less importantly I’m also not a huge fan of the paper, as it’s very white and not really very “booky”, it’s more like what you get in a magazine. But obviously that was always a risk.

All this I think is pretty bad considering they are a proper company, and it cost a lot of money.

I have sent them an email pointing out these discrepancies, but have so far had no reply.

But hey, I guess you always learn something.

Anyway… they look good on the outside > >

All work copyright Finn Kidd 2017/2018.


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