Match & Mismatch: Poster/zine Outcome

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For the final posters/zines I Riso printed them onto two different paper stocks, one off white/cream A3 and one warm yellow. They are both successful in their own ways, although the white is probably slightly stronger due to the contrast caused by the printed areas and the paper, whereas the print sinks a little too much into the yellow, muting the impact.

I achieved these prints by separating the tones in the mono colour prints I had done into three distinguished areas, black, red, and yellow. These were then made into black masters and printed one by one with the Riso in their corresponding colours. I’m very happy with how the “zine” side, the colours came out really well on the small postcards blocks, clean solid colours that slot together perfectly. The back”poster” side feels a little messy. The red and yellow appear too weak and bitty. BUT, saying that it definitely has it’s charm and creates the illusion of molten lava/glass, which was the desired affect.

For the final amendments I may pull the type over and align it left, and perhaps print the poster side in just two colours…


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