Walk The Line: Final Posters

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…… This  > > >

Illusion final poster by F.Kidd

with this in mind I moved onto the next two. Starting off my making small thumbnails of what I imagined the compositions to be, and then illustrating the main elements. i.e. hands and the eye in pencil.

I then scanned, arranged and tried out a few ideas of type, at this stage I was also convinced of having each poster a different colour, so one red, one turquoise and one gold. This would later change as they ended up feeling too primary school.

So ended up as this >

and inevitably became this >

which works far better as a series, and carries the mood of the gifs across, keeping in with the slightly heavy sombre tone, and is much more coherent. I’m happy with these as a triplet, but would say that the Illusion one is by far the most successful. I think given more time and perspective on what i’ve done throughout this process I would probably reconsider using photographic imagery in place of the illustrations, or perhaps use the illustrative part in a different manner. The pencil drawings felt quite limiting in the end. But nevertheless they were enjoyable to create.



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