Walk The Line: More Gifs

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For my next gifs I worked on making them shorter, so more time efficient. The VR one is 40 frames, the Ai one is 5 and the Dinner one is 6.

I filmed Cecile reading a book on imaginary people, zoomed in and drew over to create the illusion of a VR suite, as if everything isn’t real, made up of lines of data.

Ai is using one found photograph of a young girl working in a factory, showing child labour in the industrial revolution. This is looking at the idea of progression and sentience within machines verses humans. >>>

Dinner is again using one photo, this time a staged set up of my friend Sophia at the dinner table. Looking at time and progression, and how we perceive technology and evolution >>>

I think the filmed one looks the most interesting, the movement really creates an odd feeling of 3D, plus the amount of frames means the animation is pretty smooth. Saying that I do like the simplicity of the other two, plus the vibrancy of the red and gold is nice. Overall they all work well, and they keep a coherent aesthetic throughout.


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