Workshop: Visual Research

Blog, Core Workshops, Visual Communication

This was a very productive workshop. I think being able to with Oliver and Lisa worked really well, we planned everything quite instinctively as we know each other so well, this lead to a very smooth project being carried out.

We came up with the idea of creating a small publication / posterzine, inspired by a Spitalfields pamphlet we saw in the Bishopsgate Institute. We focused on on Spitalfields Market, noting people, conversations, buildings, and objects.

I made a series of portraits of characters I saw at the market, both patrons and employees. Which you can see below >>>

We compiled all our work, edited, and arranged in InDesign into the zine and then made one “poster” each that would sit on the back of the zine pages.

I think this was a successful workshop, where we produced a lot within a small amount of time and we ended up with a great outcome.

Oh and Oliver also made an animation out of my illustrations with our field recordings as the soundtrack, which worked really well 🙂


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