Walk The Line: Gif Progression

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Sooooo, for my first proper move towards the final 9, I decided to film Lisa’s eye, zooming in as far as I could and then animate over the top. Rotoscoping if you will.

Out of the the video I created stills, and made contact sheets which I printed. Using chalk pens and one gold marker I drew over each still, slowly changing what I draw into an abstract swirl, which then becomes a golden door inside her head.

This one is looking at the idea of dreams, hallucinations, and illusion.

Below you can see all the contact sheets of the stills sequenced together >>>

This then became >>>

Once cut out, cropped, edited etc. that became >>>

Eye final outcome by F.Kidd

Which is the final outcome. I’m happy with how this turned out. It almost has a slight Man Ray/Hans Richter/Luis Buñuel feel to it, which is a nice surprise.

I did play with the colourisation and speed etc. in Premiere but decided to keep it natural and just let the deterioration caused by the compression of the gif file type enhance the contrast, as the film filters felt too much and like they changed the feeling of it.

The problem with the making of this gif was the time it took to cut and crop/arrange each frame. Moving on with next ones i’m just going to cut the amount of frames/length down to make it more time efficient.


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