Design Comp: Screen Printing

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To move forward with our aesthetic for the summer show, and take on board our feedback from the first presentation, me and Lisa decided to screen print the poster. Using the split fountain technique, we tried out a combination of colours, varying from the five we used in the original digital version to a simplified two colour option.

The five colour ones ended up looking a little too 70s and were too green/blue heavy. Taking it down to just the pink and yellow really worked and personally I really love the vibrancy and play of colours when printed on the colour paper (especially the pink and orange).

The next step is to really look at the colours more specifically to get the best combination, and maybe look into Pantones etc.

Once worked out we can apply this to everything in the visual language of the show concept, screen printing the type onto different surfaces as signage, wayfinding etc.

Screen print poster composite by F.Kidd and L.Wallius


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