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For the show publication we decided to go with an A5 format, smaller than last years and easier to carry around.

At first I tested some pages out to just get a feel for what was in my head.


But this was pretty boring, so moving on from that we decided to pursue more of the same idea as the poster, but perhaps treated differently. Our first thought was to bind it with butterfly pins >>>

I then started to think about playing with the shapes of the letters and overlaying them, to get an offprinted colour blend, rather than the gradient of the poster.

This was achieved but printing each colour separately on the laser printer. Unfortunately the colours then became too murky by the end. Also the CMYK transference of the print made made the colours too dark even when printed normally.

As you can see above. By this point we had decided (Lisa’s idea) to use tape (to keep it coherent) to bind it.

Below is what it should look like if the colours kept their vibrancy…

I think there is some good ideas in all this, but overall the actual design is pretty boring, plus the colour layering is unsuccessful. I can see in my head what it should look like, so with some more experiments it will get somewhere more exciting.


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