Design Comp: Regular Practice: Session 2

Blog, Design Competition, Visual Communication

The second part of the Regular Practice workshop was adding type to the illustrations. Their approach to this was refreshing, telling us to make something ugly, not to worry about legibility, and just experiment. Using cut out type along with large letters printed on acetate, I just placed the designated information around the page, trying to find anything that felt good.

We had the whole afternoon, so I made many different variations, but what you see here are the final scans of some of the ones that were most satisfying composition wise.

The very last one is where I turned the contrast right the way up once scanned, and it created this kind of cool horror effect on the letters. I think this was mainly caused by the reflection of light on the acetate, and is definitely an interesting detail to maybe try out again on something.

I also particularly like the large letter trumpet ones, which bring to mind DaDa and Blue Note jazz posters.


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