Creative Industry Practice – Kickstarter Presentation

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Yesterday was our final day of CIP, resulting in our Kickstarter presentations at Accelerator. As always it was nerve racking, but luckily we ended up presenting first, so no time to dwell on everything and get horribly panicky. I feel we presented well and personally it was the best presenting I have done, as I actually remembered most of what I wanted to say and said it in a reasonably clear and intelligent manner. Rather than the normal fast paced black out that happens. ha. We got good feedback on almost all aspects of our presentation including the video, so that was great. There were small points like reiterating the company concept and set up at the beginning, cleaning up the logo, take in labour costs when budgeting, and so on.

Overall it was a good close to the module and the project and definitely felt like we had all come a long way since the beginning.


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