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So the physical copies arrived first thing on Tuesday morning, which was a very good start to the day.

On first impression I was was very happy. The red spine had come out out really well, a real stark spot of colour in contrast to the black and white back and front cover. Printed on a sturdy gloss board. And then I opened it, the paper stock inside was just the best thing, really wonderful thick uncoated slightly off white paper that made all the colours and everything inside just look great. So much better than I imagined, and SOOO much better than how the digital ISSUU version had come out.

Although I am now very broke, I completely think it was worth going for the more expensive printed option. It feels great to know that I can produce something of a high finished standard with all that I have learnt over the last nine months. Reassuring me of certain choices I made along the way. Obviously there are bits I would change and improve upon, but overall I think this was a success. I I now feel confident in knowing how to send something to print and the pros of particular choices within that, e.g., paper stock etc.

Unfortunately we did find a few spelling mistakes after meticulously looking for them. But this was inevitable really. I did have someone proof read the whole thing but bits are always going to slip through when there is a tight deadline. On this note, I definitely think it is worth getting all the body copy down as early as possible to avoid such problems.


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