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For the video I did research into films, music videos and directors I thought captured the right feeling and aesthetic to compliment our brand. Bands like Alvvays have really great hand made, warm, slightly nostalgic videos with lovely hand rendered type. Also Wes Anderson’s films like The Royal Tenenbaums and Moonrise Kingdom had a particular something that fitted, namely the symmetry of the shots and the colour palette and continuity. As well as his brother Eric Chase Anderson’s illustrations and storyboards.

I took all this in and created a storyboard that embodied all of these elements the best I could.

We then organised a time we could all shoot it and set about creating the space. I made a quick banner that would sit behind Hannah and then we got to work filming. We had already done some test run throughs with the script the week before and I had put together a mockup video using test footage and storyboard panels to gage the pace, so all was in place.

Once we were done I took it all into Premiere and got editing. Adding in the closer voice recording, music ( of which I own the copyright ) and some hand drawn illustrations and typography I did to finish it all off. I also added a little grading to it to give it a warmer and more finished feel.

I think this came out pretty well, I would have liked the “stage” to be a little better, in terms of colours and perhaps something less formal than a desk and white wall, I first imagined it as a bedroom or living room kind of set up. Also the sound recording of the voice could be better, but isn’t too bad.


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