Creative Industry Practice – Pastiche Reflection

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Looking back at my Adam Green pastiche now I know I could do little bits better. One particular bit that nags me is the messy double line in the top left hand corner on the border at 5 seconds in. I would also have spent more time drawing out frames of him dancing. Although it was very time consuming and repetitive, I feel it would be great to see more of those moments. It is very satisfying watching that actual animation and interesting when you’re doing it you have no idea if it will look good in any way, as it may be too disjointed and messy, but in actual fact if anything those discrepancies are what make animation so lovely. Especially hand drawn animation. It always ends up looking so much cooler, for lack of a better word, simply because of the process. It was also very interesting using the drawing tablet in this way, for one getting used to it and being able to create the feel of line I wanted, much more like using an actual pen, and two: using it to trace over live action frames, basically using it to rotoscope. Which is an incredibly useful tool. And a quick and effective way of creating animated content.

I would probably also re-draw all the text and borders with a brush and ink, or Gouache to match the scanned in / painterly / warm look of the dancing scenes.



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