Creative Industry Practice – Collection New Direction

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So after much work on my Collection book design I decided to scrap it all and start again. I was thinking of a more hands on approach, but instead decided to just try with inDesign again and just have as much fun as possible with it. Trying to forget all the rules and serious “graphic designer” rhetoric and treat it more like how I would do it if I was just doing it for myself. So I started off by making the intro spread. I made the first page out of red Lorum Ipsum text as a background texture/pattern with an image of my expressionless rabbit placed over the top. This would sit as my portrait. Opposite I created a vertical rainbow stripe pattern inspired by a 1970s knitted jumper. Over this I placed my introduction blurb mirroring the rabbit image. This would be purposefully difficult to read. I then carried this new found energy across each page. I made the page numbers a large script typeface as a homage to Emigre magazine. ┬áTrying to bring in more elements of my general practice as well as what I have learnt in my studio.


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