Creative Industry Practice – Collection Finished!

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So I finally finished it! After two 10 hour days I finally managed to get it all together, get all the right images, write everything and re-read over everything and then send it off to print. This has been a very enjoyable project, especially once I got into the swing of it. I think that now I know what i’m doing better and have a clearer understanding of how I approach this kind of large scale book design, I think I would like to do this more. What started of as a daunting and somewhat meticulous project turned into a fun and liberating one. Already i’m seeing┬áseeing things I would change, mainly the placement of the actual work. I think I would now try and make much bigger and generally have more fun with. But it’s all in the learning. I really like the custom made areas such as the chapter dividers, intro, contents etc. I also think the Thoughts of the Week part came out well. In terms of how it’s being made, I chose to go with it being printed by Blurb as I wanted to get the experience of preparing a book for print, and to see how things given that professional level of production would turn out. Rather than printing and binding myself which I feel we have done a lot this year. Now it’s just about seeing what it looks like in the flesh. can. not. wait.



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