Impression – Page Layouts

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For the editorial pages in the summer show catalogue we all got assigned particular pages to work on. pulling images, text and numbers into a general layout designed by Billy Klofta. I got the outcome pages for Inventivity studio. I started out by making the layout a template in inDesign, and correcting any little details like the aligning the titles, and kerning etc. I then laid out the images in a way that I felt was clear and coherent. As this was going to be Riso printed, the text would be in black and the images in yellow. unfortunately the yellow isn’t that strong, so after some discussion with Angharad I created overlaying layer of both colours, so you get the detail from the black and the rich colour of the yellow. with some it would be a block of yellow which I would create to replace the tone of the original image, or on some both layers would be identical, making an almost gold effect.

Here are my final layout masters…


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