Impression – Riso Experiments

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After looking at all the artists books and thinking about the options we have with using Riso for the publication, I then researched just what the possibilities are with Riso printing. Looking at all the various Riso print studios that are out there now, I got a pretty good idea of a wide range of techniques and approaches that can be achieved. Here are some of the examples of what stood out as I went through them all…

With all this in mind I decided to try out a photograph print as I hadn’t printed a photograph with Riso yet. I also wanted to use layers, and a halftone dot texture as we needed to think about patterns and textures for the publication. I never like producing something just for the sake of it, so took the opportunity to print some posters that could double up as merch for my band.

I think they turned out really well, but definitely could be improved. Making the yellow background colour into a halftone diluted the colour too much, making the red (pink) stand out too much. I feel that it might be better if the colours were swapped around, as the red is naturally stronger than the yellow. This is something I will try when I have time in the next few weeks.


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