Impression – Artist’s Books

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For inspiration towards our Riso Show! publication we looked at some of the artist’s books in the library’s collection. I looked through quite a large number of them before choosing one to talk about. Trying to find anything that could relate to the booklet in any respect, be it layout, printing technique, colour scheme etc. The one I picked in the end was an exhibition pamphlet for an exhibition in Brixton in 1994 called Counter Intelligence – Zines, Comics, Pamphlets, Flyers. It was put together by Jason Skeet and Mark Pawson. It looks as if it was printed using a risograph, so seemed perfect, a simple two colour print of red onto yellow card for the cover and blue onto white paper for the inside. I did some research into both Jason Skeet and Mark Pawson, Jason Skeet now teaches and Mark Pawson turned out to be the designer, and is still working today. Producing some really great stuff, including Riso posters and incredibly complex screen prints.

Here are some bits from some of the others I looked at…



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