Impression – Individual Response [Outcome]

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For my final outcome I illustrated the specific scene I wanted to concentrate on. Five illustrations of the woman with no face which would become the frames for the zoetrope template, I also drew a skull and a spiral which would represent another element of his nightmare, this would be the second animation strip on the template. I then drew out the template itself based on one of the old american newspaper zoetrope templates I found. In place of the main instructions I put the paragraph I was relating to. Once all together I separated the black detail from the red, making two flattened layers which I then exported[the red layer I made black too for print]. All of which was then Risograph printed onto sugar paper.

I made a poster of the main no face woman drawing and the spiral to accompany the templates. This I first tried Riso printing using red and yellow, but the yellow didn’t really come out strong enough, so I opted for a digital print changing the detail back to black to add clarity.

And lastly I took the illustrations and made a small repeated animation loop to act as a realisation of what you would see in the zoetrope, a continuous haunting nightmare.

Oh and a couple of badges, because why not 🙂

This whole project was hugely enjoyable, I learnt a lot about Rilke, 1900s Paris, illustration techniques, Riso printing and zoetropes. I will be doing some tweaking to the animation over the coming weeks, as well as making a fully working zoetrope as an installation piece for the book launch/exhibition.


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