Creative Industry Practice – Book Development

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So i’m starting to get somewhere with my Collection book design.

I’m thinking either A5 or 20 – 25, hardback, full colour, uncoated paper, Avenir Heavy and American Typewriter, matt cover, and additional circular sticker for the front.

The cover imagery is going to be the brush and ink handwritten type, black and white, which will wrap around the whole cover, front and back. Red sticker with my name in black type, probably American Typewriter. I want the pages to be mainly black with block colour that matches each project, white for the chapter dividing pages.

I started off with these…

And have progressed to these so far…

Next thing is to put all the projects in so it’s all laid out, then I can work out what needs different images etc. Then to start the copy writing. And then I can tweak bits at a time. I may also add some hand drawn elements within the layout, just to add some playfulness to the whole thing.


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