Creative Industry Practice – Still Life Photography

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It was good to start thinking about the presentation of the work that would be showcased in our Collection books, after starting my layout the days preceeding I had started to feel the urgency to have some actual good photos of my work.

During the still life photography session we looked at still life imagery within painting and photography to get us to think about lighting, backgrounds, and the many approaches you can apply to creating a staged piece to show your work. We also looked at a small basic photo studio setup with lights, what was interesting here was how good the photos came out considering the setup looked like nothing special.

This Thursday we will be shooting some of our chosen objects to get a better feel for the process, which should be a lot of fun. I’m thinking I want quite clean stark images for mine, either with black velvet or clean white to show the space better. My other thought though was that maybe what could be really nice and also something slightly different would be to shoot everything on film, creating a warmer and more photo journalist / nostalgic aesthetic.


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