Hockney [Tate Britain]

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Managed to make it to the Hockney exhibit at the Tate Britain last Monday, and it was super good [obvs].

After a long arduous rush to make it before last entrance, we arrived at the Tate Britain reception with 4 minutes to go and thank god were let in.  Although we were rather sweaty and out of breath, it didn’t detract from the instant in your face brilliance that is Hockney’s paintings [and drawings].  Seeing the paintings in real life was quite shocking, just how different it felt, like seeing it for the first time. Noticing new details, like in A Bigger Splash the canvas is the frame, and the line above the pool is actually just negative space, where he has left the canvas bare. Along with all these small revelations I have to say the highlight for me was seeing so many of his drawings, and so many I had never seen. His line work and attention to detail while choosing what to include and what not to include is incredible. One of the fascinating things was to see the way he played with depth, flatness and moments of complete realism throughout his career, fluctuating at different points, seeming to bring in little traits from this period or that, creating a coherence whilst also changing quite vastly. It ended on his recent computer drawings which while being interesting and good that he’s embracing new technology, just weren’t as stunning as his earlier work.

I would definitely recommend going.

Check out his site here.


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