Impression – Individual Response Crit

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For my individual response I had two paths I was venturing down, one was the idea of making a little booklet which combined the text with illustrations of certain scenes, either placed with, or over the top in a kind of text/image montage[see other post]. The second idea was making a zoetrope, this way making reference to the technology of the time[1900]. The animation would be a chosen scene from the text.

The crit was very useful in pushing me in a particular direction and solidifying the ideas. I will now pursue a variation on the original two. The plan is to create a zoetrope template/make it yourself sheet, but instead of the instructions being written out, it would be the Rilke/essay text. So like a kind of poster almost, in the shape of a work sheet. I will probably Riso print them in two colours, and then maybe make a digital version of the animated scenes to accompany the ephemera in the exhibition.

You can see my progress with the project so far in the attached PDF >>



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