Creative Industry Practice – Pastiche Song

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For the music for my pastiche, I wrote and recorded a simple 40 second song. I looked at a number of his compositions and got an idea of the types of chord progressions he uses so I could try my best to emulate the feel of his song writing. Since the moment I decided on Adam Green I had started noting down any words and/or lines that came to me that could go towards the narrative/poem. I then spent some time finalising the words and creating a melody I was happy with that sat on top of the chords. Fortunately a lot of his music is quite folky with just him and a guitar, or as with his first project Moldy Peaches, him, Kimya Dawson with some guitars and drum machines. This meant recreating a similar sonic aesthetic wouldn’t be too difficult. I recorded it at home using a USB vocal microphone plugged into a laptop with Garageband. After I had tracked my parts I recruited Joanna Curwood to apply some extra vocals to finish it off before mixing.

It came out pretty well, and I think I captured Adam as best I could being as it’s me singing and not him. I would probably re do my vocals now just to correct the inflections a little and perhaps the whole thing would have been better if recorded on a more professional system like Reaper or our digital Fostex 16 track, but the cheap bedroom sound fits with his whole vibe and so in this case works sufficiently.


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