Impression – Calverts Printers

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Calverts is a pretty cool company. They started in the 70s as a co-operative and still remain one today, there are 12 members of staff, who all earn the same amount as they all essentially own the company. Also the star in their logo comes from the fact they were originally called Calvert’s North Star Press Ltd. Today we visited their Bethnal Green HQ. We got to discuss and get pointers on our current Anthology project, as well as get a guided tour, where we got talked through all the ins and outs of working there and how all the printing works, from digital to Litho to Riso.

What was most interesting was how, knowing all that I already know about say how the Litho printer works, it was so fascinating seeing it in the flesh and actually getting a grasp on the scale of it, and all the smaller details that run along side it, like the fact they have to mix all the pantone colours for spot colours by hand.

This was all very usual for going forward with the project and in general as it has given me more of a grasp on the printing process as a whole.


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