Hothouse Talk – Rose Nordin

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Rose Nordin is one third of OOMK aka One Of My Kind. OOMK is a “highly visual, handcrafted small-press publication.”

They run creative events such as DIY Cultures, an annual one day festival celebrating DIY cutlure, activism and the arts.

Rose spoke about the three different areas within her work; self initiated, commissioned and artist residencies / arts funded projects. The artist residencies / arts funded projects I found particularly interesting, getting funding from the Arts Council or the International Artist Fund they have set up and run great projects, including an expedition to Malaysia to research and document the small press / zine culture there, resulting in a rather wonderful looking book that showcases everything they found and a launch in called Zine Canteen, which is a great name. Then there’s their newest project, where they have taken over an old library and converted it into a small Riso studio by the name of Rabbit Road Press. They have open access every Tuesday where you can go along and do an induction and then print using the Riso machines, they will also help you out and teach you stuff, it basically sounds great. This runs for 18 months.

She also had great tips on getting Arts Council funding, which I definitely will look into in the future.


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