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So for my Pastiche I chose Adam Green,  I wanted to play on the idea of how he is viewed, there’s this slightly confused juxtaposition between him being a serious artist and a bit of a joke due to how he presents himself and his work. Using animated footage of him dancing mixed with a poem/song that confronts this predicament.

First I looked at as much of his work as possible, from old paintings to his new feature length film Aladdin. His style of painting has always grabbed me, a kind of complete childishness and freedom. in his Aladdin he uses hand painted backgrounds and props made out of papier mache, mixed with bits of animation, green screen and computer graphics.

The opening credits to his new film are almost like a pastiche in themselves, self referencing his first album artwork. I decided this would be the perfect template for the typographic element in my video.

I started by mapping out out my initial thoughts, making thumbnails and writing a script. I then drew out a full storyboard showing when the subtitles would sit with the dancing animation and the fade into pixels at the end(this part I would later scrap as it proved to hard to create).


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