Thought Of The Week – Unit Editions

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Unit Editions seem like an interesting publishing company, The books that they produce are in-depth and quite unique due to their subject matter and focus. Books like Studio Culture and Action Time Vision are good examples of this, both offer great insight into areas that are rare to find books on, or lots of information on in one archived place.

The idea of self publishing is very attractive to me, coming from a zine and DIY world I guess I see it as an obvious extension of your creative practice. Also I run a record label, which isn’t exactly that far removed, especially as we publish our own zines etc. If there is ever a point when you need to produce something and you don’t find the right person or company to collaborate with, then you just find the means yourself. This can mean more creative freedom due to a lack of outside interest, but can also work against you as money restraints can often force compromises.


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