Impression – Anthology Final Design

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For the cover of our Anthology re-design I created an illustration inspired partly from a drawing Silvia showed me and also the etymology of the word anthology itself, which from the Greek means; to gather flowers.

Running with our idea of it being a grey board cover with maybe a screen printed graphic, I created these…

Eventually arriving at this:

I went with it being called “an anthology” rather than just Anthology as it felt more conversational and less straight.

For the layout we chose Fanwood, point size 11 for body copy and 14 for titles. Inside paper: Natural (off white), 135 gsm, uncoated. Cover paper: Nomad, grey smooth, 350 gsm, uncoated. It would be printed in black and white with the spot colour on the cover done with screen printing or a vinyl sticker, and if possible but probably too expensive, we would have transparent/tracing paper pages that would divide each chapter, ideally in G F Smith Transclear, crystal 150 gsm. All of which would be perfect bound. 

Billy also created a great little stamp based on my illustration which could be used for additional decorative elements and promotion.


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