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Alan Fletcher has an intriguing and almost humorous way of looking at things. Most of his work seems to play on its subject matter, being quite literal with its delivery. This makes for a very pleasing experience when exploring his work.

In regards to his work within publishing, the same playfulness and intuition apply. Talking about his approach to designing The Art of Looking Sideways, he speaks of planning out the pages like a storyboard, each spread flowing on from the last, with the pace tightening and loosening when it feels right. This is a wonderful way of looking at it, and to me makes a lot more sense than having a rigid plan in place, sticking and abiding to a fixed grid just because you have so decided. Personally I like to think of everything in this way, like a film, as you are always telling a story in some respect, whether a fictional narrative or the story of an idea.

Visit the Alan Fletcher archive here to see and learn more.



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