Impression – Screen Printing Experiments

Anthology, Blog, Impression Studio, Visual Communication

In our first screen printing workshop this year I played around with some imagery and text relating to my individual response project. Using a water brush pen, some ink and a marker I drew an old woman from a 1920s photograph to depict one of the characters from the Rilke text, exaggerating certain aspects to project Malte Laurid Brigge’s view of the Parisian lower classes. I then wrote out a couple of quotes from the essay using rubber stamp letters onto an A3 piece of cartridge paper, this I photocopied to give myself a few to play with. I printed my image onto various sheets and paper stocks with either single or multiple layers in a series of colours.

Unfortunately the ink kept drying out almost instantaneously, blocking the screen and so creating un-clear, faded looking prints. This meant a general poor quality to everything and also a lot of time cleaning and waiting for the screen to dry, rather than actually printing.

Nevertheless I did manage to get some good results, and a few ideas that I will carry forward into the project.


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