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On Thursday we had Fig Taylor visit and give us a lecture on portfolios. 

Fig Taylor is a portfolio consultant for The Association of Illustrators.

She was absolutely brilliant to be honest, very enjoyable to listen to, she talked non stop for three hours and it never got boring, neither did it feel like three hours. She spoke in-depth about every aspect of how to create a successful portfolio, from the format to how to read an interview.

It’s hard to pick out specific points to reiterate as every part of it was useful and important, but i’ll try…

  • Never bigger than A3.
  • Think about it like this: “This is who I am and this is how you can use me”.
  • Only show finished work. If you want to show developmental work only have it as an option and if it relates to your work, i.e. you do character design.
  • Put work in context. If it is an editorial piece, show the article it sat with.
  • If you have 3D or oversized work, TAKE GOOD PHOTOS OF IT, or get someone else to if you can’t.
  • Make sure everything is high quality. As in 300 dpi and not pixelated.
  • etc etc.

You can see my three pages of notes below.

These are all things I won’t ever forget when making a portfolio now.

Get her book here.



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