Thought Of The Week – Kate Moross

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Kate Moross is an art director, illustrator and designer, also working with moving image. Specialising in typography and pattern and geometry.

Her style and approach are very particular to her, although also recognisable to a certain time and aesthetic that came about in 2006/2007 with the emergence of Nu Rave. Headed by bands like Klaxons, New Young Pony Club, Shit Disco, CSS and clubs like DURRR.

What I really like about Moross is the way she completely her embodies her work, clothes, hair, accessories, everything looks likeĀ it has been art directed by her. She has created an entire world which she resides within. You can see this most clearly when you see her in her studio, like in this video…

The ’embodiment of your work’ thing is something I have always been interested in, Warhol is a classic example of this idea, with himself almost being his biggest project.

In terms of actual practice and methodology, in the last 12/18 months I have been trying to narrow down my methods and materials so as to become more efficient when having to create a commissioned piece of work, as well as being more recognisable as a result of that. Giving yourself less options helps you know what you’re doing. But before you get there you have to experiment. Before you know who you are you have to know what you are not, so obviously it will be a while yet.

I think the curation of this Collection book will be a good exorcise in bringing all these thoughts together and making something coherent out of all my work so far.


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