Impression – Unbinding The Book

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Undinding the Book is in their own words “Indie publishing platform Blurb and visual arts studio Jotta have commissioned nine artists and designers to launch Unbinding the Book to challenge preconceptions of who can be an author and what a book can be.”

It’s a fascinating project, and I suggest everyone go and have a watch of the nine artist videos featured on their site.

The ones that stuck out to me were:

All of which seemed to be taking the formats of “the book” in interesting directions through different binding techniques, folding, scale and technology, backed up with a strong conceptual thread.

I think what’s interesting with Carlin’s book, is the idea of how you transpose something digital into something like a book. The various ways in which she used the format and materials to simulate gifs or websites was so simple yet so brilliant. Check out the website below to watch all the videos…


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