Impression – Mini-Monograph – Progression

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For the design of the front ( and general overall look ) of my exhibition guide I wanted to look closely at Crouwel’s posters, and use the colour palette and layout as the basis of my design.

I chose two that represented the feeling of my idea for the exhibition and then set to work in InDesign mapping them out and trying as many variations as possible, typefaces, point sizes, words, tracking, colours etc.

I ended up using his New Alphabet as the main focal point, which at some point I actually started to build myself along the way just to make it fit the grid perfectly. The ‘C’ then became the ‘M’ from Wim, and then I worked backwards from there to create the rest of the leaflet. Meaning that when you folded it out it would spell out his first name ( full and/or 2nd name was way too long ), you could then potentially put this up on your wall, and it would also look nice standing up on its own. I then made a quick mock up using coloured inks to check the whole idea before I settled on it.

For the concept for the imaginary exhibition I was thinking about it being based purely around his work from the late 50s up until 1970, the idea being that the exhibition would be fully immersive in the world of space age, modernist, clean Crouwel. Living in Structure, the full Wim Crouwel experience. Which then sits nicely with my monograph.

The images I selected to represent the exhibition in the guide were as follows…



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