Thought Of The Week – Kate Moross

Kate Moross is an art director, illustrator and designer, also working with moving image. Specialising in typography and pattern and geometry. Continue reading Thought Of The Week – Kate Moross

Impression – Anthology – Visual Response

From the moment I started reading the text I was given I started getting ideas about the kind of imagery I could create. Continue reading Impression – Anthology – Visual Response

Impression – Anthology Brief

Our new studio brief consists of two parts, both of which will be in collaboration with the London Met English Literature and Creative Writing Department. Continue reading Impression – Anthology Brief

Creative Industry Practice – Thought of the Week

Each week we’ll be given a ‘Thought of the week’ in which we’ll respond to in our sketchbooks with a 140 character written reflection and some imagery.  Continue reading Creative Industry Practice – Thought of the Week

Impression – Unbinding The Book


Undinding the Book is in their own words “Indie publishing platform Blurb and visual arts studio Jotta have commissioned nine artists and designers to launch Unbinding the Book to challenge preconceptions of who can be an author and what a book can be.” Continue reading Impression – Unbinding The Book