Impression – Poster-Zine Binding

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For the binding for my poster-zine collection, I decided to build a box that emulated a book. I thought it would be nice to create a sort of secret hollowed out book or treasure box, in which you would find the zines. This way you could also put it on your shelf with other books.

Originally I wanted to make it look very book like, with an old leather type wrapping in a dark green or burgundy and a delicate serif typeface. But to tie it in with my zine I decided it should be bolder, brighter, and more playful.

So I painted it a bright yellow, making a clear nod to my zine and also making it look like a golden box, which seems slightly more magical and precious. I built it out of thick card taken from the back of two sketch books, making a paper mock up first to check measurements. I then taped and glued it all together and painted with acrylic. I did want to use Gouache to create a warm flat finish but I had no where near enough. I painted the inside frame / zine compartment black to create a distinction from what would be the “pages” of the book from the “cover”. Also creating a slightly black hole feel to where the zines sit.

For the type on the front I used rub on lettering, and for the spine I used sticker lettering. The smiley face on the front is a further nod the zine, and finally on the bottom of the spine is the Impression stamp.

It’s a little rough around the edges, but i’m generally happy with the outcome. I imagine using modelling card and gouache would have produced a cleaner finish, and also priming it first would have helped with the tone of the yellow.


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