Hothouse Talk – Grand Visual

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Dan Dawson from Grand Visual did a talk about their advertising campaigns with the likes of Disney, and their innovative techniques for pushing advertising forward with contemporary technology.

I don’t have any notes as he told us not to take notes and to actually listen to him instead, so…

His main point was that it’s all about telling stories, and telling stories of stories. Doing something in situ and then telling everyone about that online, that way reaching a bigger audience.

They have done some pretty incredible things, such as the Dr Strange campaign where people in one location could “open a portal” to people in another part of the world, using live camera feeds and motion sensor cameras.

The other side to it is, that it is all a bit Minority Report. With advertising screens that can recognise their audience so that the content is bespoke to them, is almost exactly Minority Report, and also just quite scary in it’s implications.

Anyway here is their website. Check ’em out.


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