Impression – Poster-Zine Final Outcome

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Today we handed in our Poster-Zine final outcomes. It was very exciting to see what everyone had made and to see them all together.

I Riso printed mine with black ink onto a deep yellow 120gsm paper.

I still had one problem with the added bleed / border area affecting the layout, but apart from that I was pretty pleased with how it came out. I really want to experiment more with the Riso, using a selection of overlapping colours to really get the most out of the process .

I feel everyones zines have come out really well, and overall is probably¬†some of the best work we’ve done to date.

In the end I decided to go with a more hand made approach for the overall aesthetic(in contrast to my initial ideas), painting it all with black acrylic and using a small sticker alphabet for the type. For the poster I tried out a few different designs, playing around with the letters for Breakdown Press. The first being a more abstracted letter arrangement, using different point sizes and typefaces but still within a linear fashion so you could read it. The second was using the letters to create a face, which was quite fun. The third was a pair of sunglasses which acted as the B for Breakdown(this one became the front cover in the end). Eventually landing on a more placard style, loosely painted rendition, with a smiley for the O.

The article was laid out in InDesign, I used two typefaces for the text. Gill Sans and Bodoni. In the interview I distinguished the two voices by using the two typefaces, Gill Sans for me and Bodoni for Joe, I then set mine to the right, leaving his answers set to the left.

Editing the interview down enough to fit into the zine was problematic as I had to cut SO much. But it did work in the end. I think the other option would be to just have a portion of the interview in the zine and then a link to the whole thing online.


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