Making A Living Week – Day 1

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Will Hudson – It’s Nice That.

Will Hudson - It's Nice That. Photo by Finn Kidd


  • Do it, get it done
  • If you’re a bit of a dick, no one will want to work with you
  • Lukewarm is no good
  • Always work just beyond your comfort zone
  • solutions not problems
  • Open and honest, have dialogue with people
  • Only spend it when you have it

Jon Cockley – Handsome Frank.

Jon Cockley - Handsome Frank. Photo by Finn Kidd

Handsome Frank are an illustration agency based in London.

  • it’s good to do things face to face.
  • They don’t charge for promotion.
  • His advice for illustrators is have a variety of subject matter, people want to know what they are going to get. Show that you can as much as you can.
  • Target people, try to give people something they wont dare throw away.
  • Think of yourself as a brand. Everything needs to be considered. Think about tone of voice.
  • Be Confident, don’t make excuses about your work.
  • Theres no wrong price to ask for when getting paid for work.
  • Don’t take on work you know you can’t do.
  • Expect to negotiate, don’t work for free.
  • Attitude is the most important thing.
  • and you have to be flexible about changes, expect to have to make revisions to your work when working for a client.

Alec Dudson – Intern Magazine.

Alec Dudson - Intern. Photo by Finn Kidd

  • Young people are the future.
  • “If no one else would give me a job, maybe I could give myself one?”
  • Soft skills carry as much, if not more weight than hard skills.
  • No matter what skill level or grade you are, you have value.
  • Fuck you, pay me.

This was a really good day, they all had really great presentations and lots of great advice and information about working in the industry.


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