Impression – Zine Development

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So working on the development of my zine, I came to some questions and some conclusions.

What the hell do I want on the cover? :/

What’s the name of the thing?

What photos am I going to have in the article?

All off this will decide everything else, like what’s the actual content for the poster part.

Also how am I going to bind them all when we’re finished?

Some conclusions…

I think i’m going to call it; Through The Looking Glass. As it’s an insight or a detailed look into the work and practices of a specific publisher or practitioner. Also whats better than Alice in Wonderland..?

This then gives it a theme, and ties all the content together. I can perhaps have the typographic poster saying “Through the looking glass”, which is a great piece of text to hang on your wall. As well as giving me ideas for the cover imagery and even the binding for the whole collection.

I think a simple stark photo of who i’m interviewing as the main image, maybe the only image for the article.

Binding i’m thinking of maybe a doll, whose torso is a box which contains all of the zines. Then leading on from that thought, maybe a doll of Alice or the Cheshire Cat…see below diagram



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