Creative Industry Practice – La Jetée: by Chris Marker

“Real children, real birds, real cats, real graves”

Last Thursday morning Michelle talked to us about La Jetée by Chris Marker, in relation to a quick Adobe Premiere exorcise she was setting us. La Jetée is a short post-apocalyptic, science fiction, Argos films production made entirely of still photographs, released in 1962. It’s a stunning piece of art film, and completely encapsulating through it’s use of music, narration, photo montage and editing techniques. And shows how much you can do with a limited palette.

Watch the whole film below…

Aesthetically it reminds me a little of this video for my old band Hatcham Social for a song called More Power To Live, directed by David Blanco(a great designer). Again using stills and similar editing techniques.

As well as this one for a song from our last album called Life In An Endless Love Song, directed by myself, using images I photographed from a Life magazine book on the history of human space exploration.



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