Impression – Typography Workshop

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“Writing is the physical notation of language”

“Typography is the mechanical notation of language”

This morning Alistair took us through a slightly more in depth look at setting type.

He explained a brief history of the alphabet, and the printed word. Looking at the Phoenician alphabet, Johann Gutenberg(invented movable type), the Gutenberg Bible, and Jose Aberto Mauricio(Gutenberg B typeface). As well as certain dos and don’ts;

  • don’t use condensed type for body text
  • 12 words average for line length
  • body text should generally be between 10-12 point size
  • always think about the hierarchy of your text, what do you want people to see first?
  • and the difference between inch marks and apostrophes.

In the afternoon we dissected grids.

Placing some tracing paper over a magazine spread we had to draw out and measure the grid used, tracing over all visual elements on the page. After marking out four of these TPS’s we could compare them to each other and see if the magazine was using an overall grid system, and / or general grid rules throughout the publication. Taking one blueprint, we had to then try and re-create it ourselves in InDesign using the measurements we took, whilst trying to match the type settings etc.

This was a lot harder than I thought, ha. In my first go I over-complicated the grid and started confusing all my measurements(I blame tiredness), BUT, once I talked over it with Alistair and ironed out a few InDesign settings it all made a lot more sense…So hopefully I have a bit more of a grip on grids, InDesign and type now(hopefully)…



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