Impression – Identity Research

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Throughout the process of developing the identity for Impression, I have tried immerse myself in many different areas, obviously looking at other publishing companies was a good start, but I also wanted to look outside of that, and look at things like independent record labels, alternative film production companies, and films themselves.

One of my first inclinations was for it to be more handmade, more DIY, as it’s a young, modern publishing imprint, it made sense for it to reflect a slightly more counter culture aesthetic, rather than a big corporate one. So I looked at the branding for some of my favourite contemporary and historical record labels. Namely; Hardly Art, Art Is Hard, Sub Pop, Postcard Records and Fast Product.

But I started to feel like maybe this was breaking away from the brief a little and from what everyone else involved might like. So going with the “We Are The Future” moto, I decided to run down the wormhole instead. Looking at 2001: A Space Oddyssy, Logan’s Run, WestWorld and production companies like Orion, Argos, and Cannon.


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