Impression – Letterforms In Posters

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Yesterday we had a workshop looking at letterforms in posters. How to think about letterforms within a large composition, abstract them, deconstruct them, and play around with who they are.

Looking at great people like Willem Sandberg, Timo Lenzen, Paul Elliman and Milton Glaser, as well as books like Typographic Sketchbooks it was easy to get some inspiration.

We were told to think in two and three dimensions, to think about space, texture, perspective, drama, movement, repetition and cropping, then to apply that with modelling, drawing perspective, collage and mono-printing, with the outcome being an A3 typographic poster using a single letterform.

This was a fun workshop and definitely got me thinking more about how I want to approach my typographic poster for the zine. Saying that I wasn’t overly happy with my outcome, as I felt it was a little too safe and conventional, considering the purpose of the task. I also messed up the printing of the G by leaving the card on the paper for too long, it ended up ripping when I peeled the stamp off as it was very soft paper. I then had to paint over the rips┬ámeaning the wonderful flat aesthetic of printing was lost, and it ended up looking messy. That really ruined it for┬áme tbh, haha. I did do another poster using one oblong piece of card to create a more abstracted giant G shape, unfortunately I forgot to photograph it though.





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