Hothouse Talk – Alistair Hall

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This weeks Hothouse Talk was by our tutor and We Made This founder Alistair Hall.

He talked through his work for the Penguin Great Ideas series, Benwells branding, D&AD, Wynkyn De Worde Society, and finally onto the Ministry Of Stories.

Ministry Of Stories and the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies shop were set up in response to Dave Eggers 826 Valencia project over in the states, more precisely this TED talk. Watch this talk! it’s great and explains everything 🙂 and then go and visit the Monster Supplies shop.

Some of my favourite pieces he’s done have to be the Penguin Great Ideas book covers which you can see all of here. I also own the George Orwell – Why I Write one, and it’s a great book.

One of his main points during the talk was how important writing the We Made This blog has been, how much work the studio has got through the blog, through him simply writing about things he finds interesting. That’s something we should all be thinking about, writing well and communicating ideas and thoughts well through blog posts, tweets, instagram posts etc. is hugely beneficial to existing and flourishing in the contemporary world of design, illustration or whatever your medium may be.

Read the We Made This blog here.

and he also takes photos sometimes, which you can see over at this website.

Peace X


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