Impression – Identity & Article Feedback

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Yesterday we got feedback on our proposals for identity paths for our publishing imprint, as well as feedback on our poster-zine article ideas.

Angharad was pleased with my general PDF presentation(which you can find below) for my 3 paths and thought the concepts were strong, but that I should focus my thoughts on one in particular. The path chosen was based on the line in our manifesto “we are the future”, I wanted to take that to it’s obvious(in my head) conclusion; clean, white, bright, bold, with spots of colour. I called it Primary Kubrick as it was playing with primary colours and a large amount of white and symmetry as the identity’s foundation, both of which are characteristics of Stanley Kubrick’s wonderful cinematography, and more specifically 2001: A Space Odyssey.

After discussing these ideas, we thought about what I could do with it, leaning towards taking the 3 swatch primary colour chart, and using that as the logomark, made vertical it indicates a simple striking “I” for Impression(maybe even with a dot underneath !). Also aesthetically referencing the CMYK colour markings made in the bleed area when printing. I will also do some experiments with animating these icons and logo types in different ways as little online idents for the studio, and also to show the brands versatility.

Here is the PDF: impressionidentityfinnkidd

On a separate note I also really like this little animation I made for my other identity path…


Next we looked at my three poster-zine article ideas, which I have laid out below…

Interview Joe Kessler form Breakdown Press about the current independent comic book world in London, and the importance of small indie companies in the ever growing digital age.
Interview Ti Pi Tin bookstore about the contemporary independent publishing scene and her views on print as an object in the digital age.
Write about the new and flourishing world of self publishing through E-Book systems like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Does this lower the quality? If no one wants to publish your book, maybe it’s not good enough? Or, is this a great injection of life into a stale old world of tradition?
I’m going to be running with two of article ideas, one isn’t one of these, but i’ll let you know about that later… 🙂



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